Product Quality

We equip with in-house laboratory for material testing from the selection of raw material stage to the finished product stage to ensure our products meet all applicable quality and standard.

Our product testing complies with:

  • American Standard of Testing Methods (ASTM)
  • Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS)
Particle Size Distribution %   ASTM D 2862              
CTC Adsorption % ASTM D 3467
Iodine Adsorption mg/g            ASTM D 4607
Methylene Blue Adsorption   ml/g JIS K 1474
Apparent Density g/ml ASTM D 2854
Ball-Pan Hardness % ASTM D 3802
Ash Content % ASTM D 2866
Moisture Content % ASTM D 2867
pH Value ASTM D 3838